About Us

About us

The world is evolving with each passing day and it is evident with the environmental issues that are becoming more prominent. Environment and information technologies are becoming major issues which are beginning to require maximum attention. UIZ is a company which has been registered under the German Company Registration Act. The versatility of our company has enabled us to develop a multifaceted expertise that has broadened our experience to match the demands of today.

UIZ is a technical research based company with international access, approach and support with the highest level of creative strategic planning and services with the use of new technology. We propose to provide high quality IT and environmental technology solutions for small businesses and large corporations, BPO service with full-service along with support to clients on a per-project and recurring basis. Proposed services include:

  1. Geoinformatic Services and Solutions (Remote Sensing, GIS and more),
  2. Hydrogeological Services,
  3. Environmental Services
  4. Web and BPO services
  5. Academic Research and Consultancy