20 April 2018
 April 20, 2018


THE BASIC KNOWLEDGE NEEDED TO UNDERSTAND GEOSPATIAL INTELLIGENCE   Geospatial intelligence is a new profession and a new subcategory of GIS science, including technology, […]

9 April 2018
 April 9, 2018


Here you will know about Geodata storing types. Geographic data or more briefly Geodata is the information referred to spatial objects, features of a […]

9 April 2018
 April 9, 2018
geodata mining tools

Geodata Mining Tools and Methods

In the previous article, we tend to brought up the sources required to collect knowledge for any geodata mining. during this article, it’s worthy to say some tools, methods, and relationships existed between geodata, so as to form the method of Geodata mining […]

30 January 2018
 January 30, 2018
WebGIS interpretation

WebGIS – Revolution of GIS

Why WebGIS instead of conventional GIS?   GIS power is certainly indisputable by all of us but the fact that it is a software […]

5 December 2017
 December 5, 2017

Data Collection in GIS

GIS Data Collection Data collection is subject not only to GIS but is a wide process regardless of the field of study. However, while […]

2 December 2017
 December 2, 2017

Use of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) in GIS

Digital Elevation Model (DEM)   Digital elevation model deals with the digital representation of earth’s surface without objects like plants or buildings on it, […]

30 November 2017
 November 30, 2017
Other techniques we use on GIS system for spatial analysis

Utility of GIS System in Spatial Analysis

Why is GIS system useful? GIS system gives us the opportunity to store, edit and analyze data, visualize them and draw conclusions. The abbreviation of GIS […]

26 November 2017
 November 26, 2017
Geovisualization for geodata

Geodata and Geovisualisation

What does Geodata mean? Geodata as a compound word coming from geography and data. It is a technical term, created for the sake of […]

11 November 2017
 November 11, 2017
Main methods for water resource mapping

Water Resource Mapping – Methods

Water Resource Mapping Talking about water resource mapping the first thing we think of is where is the water? Well, it is everywhere; on […]

1 November 2017
 November 1, 2017
Remote sensing of environment


The meaning of remote sensing Remote sensing of environment is the science through which we observe the earth from a distance and obtain information […]

1 November 2017
 November 1, 2017
Water drainage system determination using GIS

7 Useful GIS Tools for Water Drainage Determination

What is water drainage? The term drainage is referred to a very wide range of phenomena and situations. For example it can describe the […]

23 October 2017
 October 23, 2017
GIS mapping and Applications

GIS Mapping and GIS Maps Uses

GIS Mapping concept   Geographic information system (GIS) is a geographical term-phrase for capturing, storing, manipulating, analyzing, managing and presenting all types of processed […]

4 October 2017
 October 4, 2017
Vector data capture

Vector Data Capture

Vector Data is one of the ways to provide detailed information for GIS environment in a way to represent real world features. A feature […]

1 October 2017
 October 1, 2017
Machine-readable Application Maps using GIS and Geodata

Machine-Readable Application Maps Using GIS and Geodata

The technological evolution we are going through compels us to look for easier solutions to the problems and mysteries and this is possible through […]

5 September 2017
 September 5, 2017
Photogrammetry and remote sensing with GIS

Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing with GIS

Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing are technologies very much applicable recently in the field of Geographical Information System, GIS which are making use of photographs […]

19 August 2017
 August 19, 2017
GIS Mapping and Applications (3)

What is Web GIS and WebGIS Application

Web GIS After getting a lot of “What is Web GIS?” questions on our website despite having all the available online articles, I and […]

14 April 2017
 April 14, 2017

Use of GIS in Natural Resource Management

Use of GIS in Natural Resource Management Introduction GIS (Geographical Information System) is mainly used for mapping processes. GIS is a computer-based information system […]

24 November 2016
 November 24, 2016

Use of GIS in Social Mapping Projects

Nowadays, the use of GIS,  Geographic Information System have increased notably and one of outstanding application is as a comprehensive tool for investigating geography and making […]

11 October 2016
 October 11, 2016

GIS in Water Resource Monitoring

GIS in Water Resource Monitoring The trend of growing technology like GIS helps to mitigate difficulties in improving geographical data of the country. Remote […]

17 June 2016
 June 17, 2016

Guide for Mobile Field Survey App to Collect Data

UIZ offers Mobile Survey App to collect data: text, date, image, video, voice and more Here is guide to use our mobile survey app. 1. Where to get Mobile […]

9 April 2016
 April 9, 2016

Hydropower Monitoring

Hydropower monitoring services at UIZ Hydropower is the use of the flow of a water to produce electricity, most of the time with a reservoir […]

20 March 2016
 March 20, 2016

GIS based mapping for Agricultural Suitability Assessment

GIS based mapping for Agricultural Suitability Assessment Agricultural suitability assessment, which is the systematically establishment of good, moderate and poor land in order to […]

21 January 2016
 January 21, 2016

Land Use Mapping: A tool for land policy makers

Land use mapping: a tool for land policy makers Global population increase leads for demand of more shelter and food, which has resulted into pressure on […]

8 January 2016
 January 8, 2016

GIS used in various business applications

Business Applications of GIS Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer based information system. GIS are becoming a part of business and management of […]