14 April 2017
 April 14, 2017

Use of GIS in Natural Resource Management

Use of GIS in Natural Resource Management Introduction GIS (Geographical Information System) is mainly used for mapping processes. GIS is a computer-based information system […]

24 November 2016
 November 24, 2016

Use of GIS in Social Mapping Projects

Nowadays, geographic information system (GIS) is a comprehensive tool for investigating geography and making intelligent decisions for social projects. GIS collects and distributes the […]

11 October 2016
 October 11, 2016

GIS in Water Resource Monitoring

GIS in Water Resource Monitoring The trend of growing technology like GIS helps to mitigate difficulties in improving geographical data of the country. Remote […]

17 June 2016
 June 17, 2016

Guide for Mobile Field Survey App to Collect Data

UIZ offers Mobile Survey App to collect data: text, date, image, video, voice and more Here is guide to use our mobile survey app. 1. Where to get Mobile […]

9 April 2016
 April 9, 2016

Hydropower Monitoring

Hydropower monitoring services at UIZ Hydropower is the use of the flow of a water to produce electricity, most of the time with a reservoir […]

20 March 2016
 March 20, 2016

GIS based mapping for Agricultural Suitability Assessment

GIS based mapping for Agricultural Suitability Assessment Agricultural suitability assessment, which is the systematically establishment of good, moderate and poor land in order to […]

21 January 2016
 January 21, 2016

Land Use Mapping: A tool for land policy makers

Land use mapping: a tool for land policy makers Global population increase leads for demand of more shelter and food, which has resulted into pressure on […]

16 January 2016
 January 16, 2016

GIS in der Forschung

GIS in der Forschung GIS ist ein äußerst flexibles Werkzeug welches gern in der angewandten sowie theoretischen Forschung genutzt wird um schnell auf verlässliche […]

8 January 2016
 January 8, 2016

GIS used in various business applications

Business Applications of GIS Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer based information system. GIS systems are becoming a part of business and management […]

6 October 2015
 October 6, 2015

Application of GIS in Forest Management

Forests have always been considered as the most important renewable resources and have a significant role in preserving an environment that is suitable for […]

4 October 2015
 October 4, 2015

Geodaten Bezugsquellen

Geoobjekte beinhalten geometrische, topologische, thematische und zeitliche Informationen. Dabei sind Primär- und Sekundärdaten zu unterscheiden. Primärdaten entstehen durch Messungen oder Erhebungen und werden nicht […]

26 September 2015
 September 26, 2015

Application of GIS in Business

Nowadays, business market is going to day to day more competitive due to the new technology. Through this highly competitive, decision-makers face tough challenges […]

19 September 2015
 September 19, 2015

What is Mapping Forestry ?

Mapping forestry Mapping Forestry defines how Geographic Information System (GIS), remote sensing and Global Positioning System (GPS) (commonly called 3S) and associated software supports […]

18 September 2015
 September 18, 2015

River monitoring challenges

Nowadays, problem in relation to shortage of water and ongoing pollution demand effective ways of monitoring and managing our rivers and lakes . In […]

12 September 2015
 September 12, 2015

GIS to webGIS

Geographic information system (GIS) A geographic information system (GIS) is system which help us to visualize, analyze, quarry, and interpret our spatial data to […]

12 September 2015
 September 12, 2015

Use of Geographic Information System (GIS) in Water Resource

First of all we have to increase public awareness for the application of remote sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) in water resource monitoring […]

9 September 2015
 September 9, 2015

Environmental Monitoring Management

Environmental monitoring is the continuous processes and activities that need to take place to describe and monitor the quality of our environment. An environmental […]

7 September 2015
 September 7, 2015

GIS Internship in Germany

GIS internship is generally a temporary work opportunities for the students with an emphasis on on-the-job training rather than merely employment, and it can […]

4 September 2015
 September 4, 2015

Importance of water resource monitoring

Importance of water resource Life cannot exist without water means water is a source of life. It preserves all living things. Water is our […]

17 August 2015
 August 17, 2015

Next level of UIZ in Geoinformatic Research

As a technical research based company with international access, approach and support UIZ is constantly working on new projects in the fields of Geoinformatics, […]

3 April 2015
 April 3, 2015

UIZ at Society3 Meetup

UIZ got a call around 15:00 on 25th March, 2015 from Society3 to present the ideas about the business development, which was going to […]

8 December 2014
 December 8, 2014

UIZ at TalentExpo in Berlin

UIZ, a multi service oriented company participated in Talent Expo organised by Startup Institute in Berlin on 27 November 2014. Startup Institute, is a […]

12 October 2014
 October 12, 2014

Nepali News Media Acknowledged “Art program starts in Berlin for SAARC children”

An news agencies has started to acknowledge the art program “Doors to the Future, for unprivileged children,” – the four days program in four […]

11 October 2014
 October 11, 2014

Doors to the future for immigrant children – art project supported

First day of “doors to the future for immigrant children” was excellent. Migrant children from SAARC nations participated in the program. The art project […]