Hydrogeological Services

Hydrogeolocial Service

The water department at UIZ is specialized in provision of products and services for water quality, protection and management. The professionals on our water team consist of individuals with a wide range of practical expertise in the fields of hydrology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, geology, civil engineering and botany.
UIZ offers consultancy services along with high quality  and valuable advice. Additional services in our areas of expertise include: water resources, hydrology, hydrometry and related field services. The hydrogeological service department at UIZ closely works together  in staying true to the ongoing research theme.


Hydrogeological Service


Numerical Modelling
1. Surface water modelling

2. Groundwater modelling

3. Flood Hydrology

4. Rainfall - run off

5. Hydraulic modelling

6. Water resource modelling

Water Resources
1. Flood risk assessment

2. Water resource planning

3. Hydro power

4. Irrigation

5. River restoration