Internship Opportunities

Graduate and post graduate students interested in taking an internship in team should apply to the recruitment department by e-mail ( More details.

To help us find you a suitable position – internship in , your internship application should mention the subject you are studying, the academic year you are currently in, the exact dates you have in mind for the internship, and the project theme where you would most like to take it. Given the wide variety of theme and our areas of specialisation, consult our website to find out exactly what fields we work on. Make sure you also enclose your CV and a copy of your highest qualification.


We are always pleased to receive all applications sent to us as well as all expressions of interest in working at UIZ. Before sending us an unsolicited application, please note that all jobs and internship vacancies at UIZ are filled only after being advertised on our career website. Therefore, unsolicited applications can only be considered if they can be assigned to a specific vacancy. Current vacancies are posted on our website under Jobs portal.

As soon as applications arrive, we check whether we can assign them to a vacancy advertised. Applicants are only notified if the application is assigned to the advertised job or, internship vacancies.