Water is one of the basic need which covers about 70% of Earth’s surface. Water makes up about 70% of our body mass. Water is available in three states liquid, gas and solid. The Atlantic, Indian and Southern (or Antarctic) Oceans, the south polar icecap, and as heavy cloud cover in the southern hemisphere and scattered along the equator are the major storage of water

Water cycle is a complex process. Sun is the most important source of energy which helps to vapour the surface water and evaporate to the atmosphere. When this vapour condense they forms cloud and at dew point they become drop of water and fall down back to the ground and get stored in different form and again with sun they get vapour and the process continuous.

Water in all three states makes a large contribution to the planet’s climate. Water vapour is a major source of greenhouse gas that traps energy radiated from the surface of the planet and helps to keep the planet warm enough to sustain the complex life that has evolved in this environment. Pure water is colourless, odourless, and tasteless. Rain water is believed to be the pure water. Most plants and animals contain more than 60% water by volume. The importance of water is incredible and without water, life would not have evolved on Earth. It is a universal solvent and has a high specific heat capacity because of this it is used as a cooling agent in industries. The hydrogen bond between the molecules and its high surface tension also makes its unique. Consumption of safe water maintains our metabolism system in control and makes us healthy. Save Water.