Use of Mobile Survey Apps in Forestry

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April 23, 2020
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April 24, 2020

Use of Mobile Survey Apps in Forestry

Mobile survey apps have been customized to be used in agriculture, fishing and forestry. Some mobile survey apps are specially designed to collect forest information. It is a field survey and data recording tool for forest investigators. The required information can be quickly recorded through this efficient tool. It is helpful for natural resource managers to make their task more competent. It is an easier way to save the relevant data together with taking photographs, tracking, sample plot location and sample tree. Mobile survey apps are a better way to identify trees in the forest using our smart devices like mobiles and tablets. The main aim of using mobile survey apps in smartphones is to conserve and manage the natural habitat.

How mobile apps work

Fig: Mobile apps for better forest inventor

A mobile survey app is useful software which works through satellite imagery. It is a free Android or iOS app that keeps a record of information through plot survey. The information is uploaded automatically and helps forest investigators to plot the accurate picture of trees. It is also easier to detect the critical condition of trees so that early caring of forest trees can be done. It is accessible for users to estimate the quantity and value of trees. The natural managers update the present and pre-condition of forest habitat using the remote sense imagery. It is a data management process more effective than any other traditional judgment or paper works. 

 Get Mobile Survey Forestry Apps

As we know it is now available in any smartphone, we can download it from any relevant site to install in our devices. There are different mobile apps for forestry surveys like to locate the forest, to estimate the height of forest, to know the natural background, to know the condition of trees, to get the forest direction. These different tools help users to discover new information about forestry. So how can we get these facilities? It’s a simple method which only requires two or three minutes. 

  • First of all the user should get access to a good internet connection and have a smartphone.
  • Go to the android market for android mobile users and apple market for iOS users. 
  • Go to the search icon and search for the required forestry apps.
  • Once you find it, just install it on your device. 
  • After you install, follow the necessary instructions and enjoy the services provided by it.

Hence it is a reliable one which can be searched out easily. These mobile survey apps are an efficient tool to collect and edit data. The obtained data can be recorded in different formats just as text or numbers in a more convenient way. Also, the information collected from sample plots or sample trees can be saved for future research purposes.

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 Different Forest Inventory Mobile Apps

The development era of computers and technology has maintained the standard of living. The mobile survey application software has promoted the life of people to live professionally. Just with the connection of networks the researcher or the forester can work from any field. There are different apps for forest tools which can be downloaded from applicable sources. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Forest Metrix 
  • BOS Forestry
  • MOTI
  • Forest Xplorer
  • Tree Height Measurement
  • TreeTrunk – Forest Education
  • Trees in the Hood

Advantages of Forestry Mobile Survey Apps

   Fig: Free mobile app
  • Mobile survey apps are an easy and convenient tool to gather tree and forest information.
  • It is a highly flexible and user-friendly app for data collection and management of natural habitat.
  • One can use the offline data for mapping as it is easily available both online and offline. 
  • It uploads the image of trees and detects its condition to build community forestry. 
  • It enables the users to survey and update the information about inventory from the working field. 
  • It allows for collecting the data and also editing it. 
  • One can navigate the map from anywhere and retrieve the information details using GPS.
  • The application tool monitors the harvested and planted tree forest. 
  • One can survey the wildlife and conserve the natural habitat.

Mobile survey applications now have been used by most of the developed countries. It is one of the specialized data collecting and analyzing tools that provide flexible and efficient data for forest inventors and makes them easier in decision making about forest resources. Hence mobile survey apps guide the user to get the photographs of forest trees including the direction, maps and track the field. Also, it can be accessed through your mobiles easily and consumes less time for the work to be done.

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