Hydropower Monitoring

Hydropower monitoring services at UIZ

Hydropower is the use of the flow of a water to produce electricity, most of the time with a reservoir that store a huge volume and a turbine that turn with the pressure of the water. The hydropower as renewable energy mostly use in the world. Hydropwer produces nearly 16.5% of the global electric energy. Other renewable energy covers about 5.2% total energy produced in 2012. These days, more and more countries want to use this clean energy to satisfy their growing demand in energy, in particular in the developing country where the construction of dam is fast. As an example: Three Gorges dam in China produces energy equivalent of 3 nuclear plants or other project in construction. The environmental aspect of this energy is also demand to cut down the pollution produce by coal power plant and others fossil fuels.

Hydropower monitoring?

The hydropower monitoring plant is an important issue especially considering environmental challenges, social economic environment and the number of people who work on the hydropower plant and save money on a project that need a lot of investment. However is not the only factor at stake, the impact of the hydropower on the environment is not negligible even more important than expected for a renewable energy.

What are the objectives of hydropower monitoring?

Environmental monitoring of hydropower mean the processes and activities that need to take care to characterize and monitor the quality of the environment in relation to installed hydropower. This include recording of various parameters of the plant with different sensors to identify imminent damage or danger, to

organize the maintenance or to optimize the proper functioning. Many things are affected by the presence of a dam such as plants, water quality or even underground water around the project. So to avoid any lasting harm a set of sensors are placed all around the hydropower plant to monitor all the parameters.

What kind of methods and monitors?

UIZ integrate various methods to monitor hydropower plant and associated area in the project together with installing sensors to strategically places where data could help to retrieved the environmental impact of the project.

UIZ Monitoring Services?

UIZ propose integrated plan for all monitoring of the hydropower plant based on project requirements for small, medium and large scale project. UIZ integrate required sensors to monitor the parameters of a hydropower plant along with web based data visualization system and secure data storage system. The expertise of our team is also at your service to help you to run the monitoring system.