3D Cities Service

UIZ is a German-based geospatial company that holds the current 3D Models market. UIZ delight itself in efficiency at capturing, processing and delivering our 3D datasets to our consumers in a Variation of routes. Our 3D datasets are used in different organisations, vastly used for strategic planning. UIZ executes routine amends of these models to hold our applicants in bearing real value to their organisation, their consumers and the buyers they deliver.

Benefit of 3D Cities

  • Industry-prominent visualisation
  • Adequate communication of the complicated plan
  • More informed conclusions privately and for buyers
  • Fewer project lags
  • The similar model used by authorities, planners and Architects 
  • Point of accuracy you can believe on
  • Resilience in absorbing dataset in many desktop plans

3D Cities Utilizes

Our Company products have many utilizes and backs the users with:

  • Context Model
  • Enhance survey 
  • Photo examine 
  • Visualisation and renders
  • Terrain/Building levels 
  • Precise shadow study 
  • Viewshed analysis
  • Context models for BIM

About Cost

Our appraising model serves for location flexibility and we provide different licensing options. All costs include data preparation, and the soft copy supply of the models, imagery and terrain in a comfortable and accessible format.

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