What is GeoFencing?

GeoFencing is a virtual perimeter that benefits through which it is easy to track in real-time in regulating spatial boundaries with the help of GPS and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). This technology permits anybody to create prompts based on location information. If any consumer or device enters a particular location or area, then it will send an alert.


What is geofencing marketing?

Geofencing marketing is a kind of location-based marketing that allows you to get engaged with smartphone users in an elected terrestrial boundary by sending related messages to users. It’s a mobile and desktop marketing strategy that provides native and multi-network corporate prospects to get in touch through Smartphone devices with consumers and possible customers who are in the nearest location, ready to buy before getting into the firm. It’s a position-based technology, geofencing depends on various technologies, together with Wi-Fi, GPS, Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), and Bluetooth connectivity.

Vendors send product promotions to attract customers to sell their products. It all happens when the consumer smartphone device searches for a specific product in a desired location, where you see a lot of stores, malls!

Geofencing gives corporations the chance to benefit from the greatest significant characters of the shopper’s voyage, when they crisscross: time and location. You deliver the precise message at the accurate place and time. This form of marketing is an influential method to link together new and previous consumers.


How does geofencing marketing work?

Although geofencing marketing may appear difficult on the surface, it’s quite upfront — particularly when you have a proficient geofencing marketing firm with spans of practice on your establishment’s side.

At this point is a rapid swift (for a more detailed case, hold on to read):

Your firm builds a geofence in a chosen region and ad movement for that geofence.

A consumer steps into that geofence and gets added to your marketing audience.

Your firm starts conveying ads to that consumer, whether through notifications, in-app ads, or search or show ads.

Is Geofencing High-priced?

It depends. Generally, the cost ranges from 3€ to 12€ CPM (cost per thousand impressions). Though, many aspects pretend the cost, including brand capacity and progressive directing structures.

The scope and number of geofences will affect the price of your operation. The higher the geofence, the lesser the CPM will be, because the capacity is greater.

Also, take into consideration the level of recording you assume from your share. Not all amenities are produced equal. Specific advertising firms are totally apparent, whereas others are not. Convinced firms provide you a break of the brands per location, while some will only give you a global promotion total.

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UIZentrum’s Geo-Fencing Advantages

Appealing consumers and capable buyers with the business

Adding value to the sales process by contextually making offers and promotional freebies and gifts

Initiative Mobile functioning & Mobile Range

Calculate in real time to disconnected Conversions

Aim incident site thru Particular Date & Time span

Aim incident site thru Particular Date & Time span

Unrivaled scalability

Coarse localization by habit figures and sizes

100% Protective and safe Technology

Further potential and Authentic than GEO-IP Targeting

Analyze huge Combinations of Consumers

Immense event management over the real time location notification and data

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