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The purpose of our R&D teams is to expand the frontiers of human understanding of the environmental issues, and their individual impacts on it. The target is to improve our society as a whole, by implementing approach of partial improvements directed at the collective progress.UIZ invests its effort and time in the researches relevant for the mutual human prosperity and natural wealth protection: in the revision of the human impacts on environmental changes and general climate change factors. Implementation of the holistic approach in the environment-relevant researches keeps our focus on the fundamental understanding of climate cycle, flora and fauna, and ecosystems, and as a commonly shared aim, we cherish the belief in the sustainable progress of the human kind.

There is four main research theme that are fields of complete community’s interest:

*** Water Management **** Geoinformatics **** Land Use Management **** Climate

1. Water Management: Water availability, quality, and quantity are becoming issues of increasing importance for most countries around the world. Better water resource management and management requires a fundamental understanding of water cycle, climate, and water ecosystem interactions and impacts of human activities in a variety of different climate systems. Global hydrological monitoring, hydrological modeling, and data assimilation need to quantify hydro climatic variables for effectively addressing water resource planning and management in today’s dynamic environment. UIZ simultaneously provides top quality research and consultancy service.

2. Geoinformatics: Our R&D team has a big influence on the field of the environmental informatics. The project done as an applied study has resulted in the EMAIV software solution. The web based GIS software is developed for our client, HEMS, by whom it was used for monitoring, analyzing and visualizing environmental (spatial) data. The idea behind it is innovative because of its web based concept and data storage for future forecasts. Our research team worked on the development of the unique data visualization tools for EMAIV, developed exclusively around the idea of wireless connection, where wireless sensor technology is used for the in-situ data collection. Innovation like this is our catalyst to growth. Equipping our R&D teams members with strategic guidance and tactical tools is an investment that can facilitate our path through the futuristic innovative business adventures.

3. Land Use Management: After detailed research in the fields of land management and Environmental Informatics, our R&D team developed the idea of launching the software for the land use planners. The software solution could be used for estimation of the natural conditions and assessment of changes. The estimations are used as a base for the prediction of possible consequences that can occur. The software will facilitate the land management and contribute to the effectiveness of the plan implementation. The R&D team has made the detailed research in ergonomics to improve the user interface of the software. As the result of this research, the team designed a completely new set of visualization techniques used in the data analysis.

4. Climate: Issues involving an environment’s climate (along with climate change) are becoming increasingly important for countries all over the world. Our climate research at UIZ can help plan for projects and predict the challenges that a specific climate may offer. We have a great understanding of climate resource planning and management. We can say this because our team has a fundamental understanding of the climate cycle, climate-ecosystem interactions, and impacts of people and their activities within their respective climates.

Our research teams are composed of the experts from various fields, including software engineering, environmental sciences, information technology, and many other related fields. The environmental trends that are implemented in our application and software development processes are trends that are changing the world environmental situation and raise the awareness of global warming problems – the today’s taboo.


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