R & D Projects

Ongoing research and developmental projects:

  • Water poverty in Bagmati River basin, Nepal.
  • Development of a WebGIS for environmental data of Nepal.
  • Sustainable Groundwater Contamination Mitigation through Community-led Implementation and Decentralized Local Governance Facilitation in Nepal.
  • Modelling water resources in the Bagmati River Basin, Nepal.
  • Role of Basin’s hydrogeology and climatic variability in determining disaster frequency: A study from Bagmati Basin in Nepal.
  • Trend detection in annual temperature and precipitation owing to climate change using Mann-Kendall Test.
  • Optimization of hydro-meteorological stations networks in Bagmati River Basin using statistical techniques.
  • Eutrophication trends in Bagmati river at various sections in terms of nitrate, phosphate, TDS and TSS.
  • Climate Change: Impacts and vulnerability Socio-economic vulnerability assessment.
  • Assessment of impacts of climate change on water resources and river flow.
  • Evaluation of Trends in Climatic Extremes using RClimDex.
  • Water quality mapping of Bagmati River basin, Nepal.
  • Groundwater arsenic monitoring network optimization in Terai region of Nepal.

Completed research projects:

  • Carbon Sequestration status at community forest, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Influence of land use/land cover on groundwater quality and quantity in Lower Shiwalik range, Nepal.
  • Groundwater: Influence of industrialization and urbanization in Bareilly district, Uttar Pradesh, India.
  • Conservation Practice and Protected areas of Nepal.
  • Conservation of Biodiversity and status of forest vegetation and the prospect of ecotourism of Royal Chitwan National Park, Nepal.

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