Hydrogeological Services

The water department at UIZ is specialized in the provision of products and services for water quality, protection, and management. The professionals of our water team consist of individuals with a wide range of practical expertise in the fields of hydrology, hydrogeology, geochemistry, geology, civil engineering, and botany. Within hydrogeological services, UIZ offers high-quality service in our specialization areas such as monitoring and optimization services, numerical modeling, hydrometric analysis, water resources and other related research subjects

Numerical Modelling
      1. Surface water modelling
      2. Groundwater modelling
      3. Flood Hydrology
      4. Rainfall - run off
      5. Hydraulic modelling
      6. Water resource modelling
Water Resources
      1. Flood risk assessment
      2. Water resource planning
      3. Hydro power
      4. Irrigation
      5. River restoration

We are very proud of the quality of the hydrogeological services we provide to our international clients. We have contributed to many international water resource preservation projects. In some of the projects, we were working directly, while in some of them our consultants were included in order to give their expert opinion, mostly in part of project’s feasibility studies. We provide a range of services related to groundwater quality and quantity including resource exploration, pollution evaluation, and remediation design.

We have undertaken field studies extensively across South Asia and Australia and we use the latest hydraulic and hydrological modeling techniques to promote our analytical studies and design recommendations. In the last few years, we are trying to penetrate the European market, which goes very well so far. UIZ hydrologists, hydrogeologists, engineers, and ecologists routinely work together in order to gain and share their tacit knowledge for the purpose of the quality service’s development. They use their skills while working together to undertake water resource and use/minimization studies like leak detections, surface water management, water balance studies, water habitat improvements and others.

We work on the design and implementation of monitoring systems, including the selection and procurement of instrumentation. Hydrogeology consulting service is not completely isolated from the other services. It is offered within the GIS service package, mostly taken when the large scope projects are about to be implemented. Hydrogeology consulting and GIS service are two pieces of one cake - sustainable solution projects.

We have developed a holistic view of the water related problems, which helps us to understand the concerns of society around the world, to face the threats of water scarcity and water stress, as well as to help ensure sustainable water resources all around the world.

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