GIS Application and Mobile GIS Development

GIS Application & Mobile GIS Development

UIZ helps you to implement enterprise GIS solutions in order to maintain up-to-date data, geospatial analysis and accurate modelling. This process stems from establishing requirements, specifying and designing the applications, implementation of operations and maintenance of the GIS application development life cycle.
UIZ develops end-to-end custom applications on the basis of specific needs and requirements regardless of their complexity. We understand the customer requirements and provide a complete set of solutions to deliver the preferred functions. Our workflow consists of the modules such as requirements analysis, design, coding, and deployment. We analyse the problems from the beginning levels to deliver the solution. Our services include Map Customization, Custom Tool Development, Integration Application Migration, Web GIS, Mobile GIS Application Development, etc.

GIS Application & Mobile GIS Development verticals:

      1. Design, development and maintenance of custom geospatial databases.
      2. GIS software development and enterprise integration.
      3. Mobile GIS application solutions.
      4. Development of spatial information systems.
      5. Web GIS development and customization.
      6. GIS integration along with designing, development and maintenance of spatial databases.
      7. Development of Location Based Services (LBS).
      8. Comprehensive data management, Geo-Database development and Cross platform migration.

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