Outsourcing GIS Project

Outsourcing GIS Project

UIZ provides independent GIS consultant services for organizations of all types and sizes. With a highly experienced technical team, we have a strong and established presence in both the public and private sectors. UIZ has a passion for developing strong customer relationships that blossom into long term partnerships. Naturally, we strive to provide the best services possible for your money through a mix of efficient working practices and competitive consultancy rates.

Many corporations and government agencies are interested in utilizing GIS technology for monitoring, to visualize their risk and as a decision-making tool to mitigate the wide range of threats in today’s dynamic operational environment. Once the organization has recognized the value of GIS for assessing and managing risk, they must decide whether to create this capability in-house or to outsource.

Outsourcing GIS Project Services

Our effective GIS project management team incorporates subject matter experts in the fields of intelligence analysis, corporate security, business continuity, crisis management, and disaster recovery. Outsourcing enables a corporation to tap into a wide range of expertise to cover the entire risk spectrum without having to hire a staff of full time experts while having a very small learning curve.

Outsourcing GIS Project to UIZ

Generally, the project cost is the main priority in any business decision. In addition to purchasing software and hardware, there is a significant training cost associated with GIS software. UIZ provides a variety of mapping products and services to help your corporation perform in today’s uncertain environment. UIZ services are ideal for corporations that want to effectively identify and manage risks across the spectrum of environmental, commercial, and political threats. For those organizations where it makes sense to establish an internal GIS capability, UIZ can provide start-up guidance and training. Our geographic intelligence experts have experience supporting industries, and have mapped and analysed the risks for decision makers in the corporate and government intelligence sectors.

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