Geo Marketing

Geomarketing refers to combination of geographical intelligence with various field of marketing including distribution, sale and even advertising. Geomarkting helps to determine the potential customers on areas, city or user level. Visualizing data in geographical context, select customers with a certain radius etc. Some of the widely used software for geomarketing is ArcGIS (ESRI), Geoconcept, Sales & Marketing Portal, MapInfo, RegioGraph, WIGeoWeb assorted open source like Mapwindow, DIVA GRASS GeoEdge. Several other software are available. But presently Google Earth and open map provides an excellent reference.

Geomarketing is truly essential

Geomarketing is truly essential for site selection where location is the key factor of business. Different geographical parameters are sampled, collected, analysed and presented in Geomarketing.
It requires following information: regionalized data that have a sales potential, software in order to visualize and analyse data finally a digital maps for the require regional levels. Sales territory planning, market control, location and expansion planning can be done by Geomarketing. Likewise GPS tracking and GSM localization is used to find the actual position of traveller or clients.

Geomarketing at UIZ

This method has displaced a traditional advertisement method which requires much time and money and additional tension for print and broadcast. Geomarketing software to distribute advertisements in a more targeted fashion, thus saving time and money. UIZ has a team of expertise for Geomarketing, we abstract your real position and provided you a better option both for research and business purpose. We have a good track record and satisfy customer in Geomarketing services. In other words UIZ helps your brand to be branded in the market.

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