Remote Sensing Services

Remote Sensing Services

UIZ serves as an accurate and cost-effective way to collect data and proves to be an important input for planning, designing and management of mapping projects. Our Remote Sensing Services include classification, image correction, image enhancement, image processing and change detection services.

UIZ offers Remote Sensing Services by creating data to analyse and compare aspects of an environmental habitat like forestry, vegetation, land use, water resources, weather, pollution, erosion, etc. The UIZ technical team has good hands on experience in using Remote Sensing Software.

Remote sensing services in verticals:

        1. Satellite Imagery Interpretation and Classification.
        2. Classification-supervised and unsupervised.
        3. Change detection.
        4. Slope aspect analysis.
        5. Land cover classification.
        6. Coastal ecosystem management.
        7. Forestry mapping.
        8. Agricultural mapping.
        9. Mining and Geology mapping.
        10. Environmental impact assessment mapping.
        11. Clutter data for Wireless telecommunication mapping.
        12. Watershed management.

Our Remote Sensing Services team operates in conjunction with our research and developmental team.

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