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Posted 5 years ago

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  • Maintains GIS databases and designs schema; converts data from various sources for entry into databases.
  • Creates complex maps to convey information to staff.
  • Develops scripts and models to streamline routine GIS tasks.
  • GIS application development (Python, C#, JavaScript).
  • Geospatial analysis and geoprocessing.
  • Oversee the expansion and use of GIS within EPC (e.g. conduct GIS user meetings, communicate new GIS functionality with users, prepare guidance documents, etc.)
  • Serves as liaison with other county departments and outside agencies for effective use and expansion of GIS resources.
  • Serve as a project manager on all GIS projects and assigned MIS projects.


  • University degree in Geoinformation Software and Science
  • Demonstrable experience with ESRI ArcGIS Server installation and configuration of Web Services
  • Experience with relevant web programming frameworks: Javascript, HTML5, CSS, Python, C #, and ASP.NET
  • Knowledge in User Interface Design as well as in database programming are an advantage
  • Working knowledge in the area of ​​technical product support for software products as well as quality assurance processes are an advantage
  • Commitment, ability to work under pressure and persuasiveness
  • Customer-oriented way of working
  • Excellent English communications skills

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