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Useful mapping services

UIZ provides conversion services for utility, data, telephone, electricity, gas and sewer services. Utilizing UIZ's helpful mapping services helps streamline engineering, database planning, monitoring, resource, facility, distribution, failure, and power management. UIZ can help you create digital documentation on key surface and underground activities.

Our mapping services include

UIZ has professionals experienced in working with multiple GIS platforms and advanced software used for mapping. Our specialization lies in the mapping, which consists of many different services. Among these are complete system digitization, system modeling, creation of land based systems, system revision and update, raster-to-vector conversion, etc.

Water und Sewarage
      a) Distribution Network
      b) Mapping of Valves and
      c) Distribution Points
      d) Leak History Data
      e) Trouble Call Analysis
      a) Corridor Mapping
      b) New Connections
      c) Planning new lateral Lines
      d) Trouble Call Analysis
      a) Network Mapping
      b) Network Re-Alignment
      c) AM/FM Mapping
      d) Consumer Indexing
      e) Network Topology
      f) Spatial Analysis
      g) Network Analysis
      h) Energy Auditing
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