Policy, Practices and Quality


  1. UIZ knows that satisfied clients are essential for its own sustained success. UIZ, therefore, is committed to clients’ vital interests, above and beyond any other.
  2. UIZ strives for pleasant, open, accessible and cooperative “dealing” with also other interested parties or stakeholders, “based on mutual respect, faith, trust and dignity.
  3. UIZ upholds independence with shared interdependence as a basic principle of professional practice. In interpreting the contract document, the guiding principles for UIZ is that all parties to the contract, discharge their respective duties and enjoy their respective rights as set down in the contract documents and the generally accepted international business principles and practices.
  4. UIZ follows a policy of applying scientific and professional knowledge, skills, expertise and care of its team members toward completing clients’ assignments with full sense of professional objectivity and responsibility for the quality of works undertaken.
  5. UIZ professes and fosters among its staff members a positive work culture, i.e. an attitude and behaviour of Challenge-Acceptance, Conscientiousness, Discipline, Efficiency, Energy, Excellence, Focus, Frugality, Imagination, Learning, Ownership, Persistence, Proaction, Resourcefulness and Self-Sacrifice.
  6. UIZ agrees, independently and in advance, fees and remunerations that are reasonable and commensurate with the responsibility it accepts and the services it delivers.



Being committed to a culture of quality and having worked with reputed international and national consultants in many donor-funded projects in diverse fields, UIZ is reasonably well-acquainted with the work quality standards required by major donors as well as client agencies. UIZ has been exercising standard quality procedures to ensure that its work is consistently high standard. UIZ is also committed to further improving its quality practices.
UIZ’s commitment to quality derives fundamentally from its top management’s longer term intention and determination to achieve sustained success by satisfying the needs and expectations of its customers and other interested parties over the long term.
We highly and humbly value your trust in our services. We will continue to improve our service realization process of meeting your requirements effectively and efficiently as YOUR satisfaction is always our first priority.

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