On – Site Customized Course and Training

Need a “customized” course for your team of professionals?

UIZ recognizes the value and benefit of customized learning. Through On-Site Customized Courses, our instructor will work directly with you and your team to determine the technical level of your personnels, identify the specific lecture topics you wish to cover, and develop and deliver a customized course specifically tailored to your company requirements. We apply state-of-art software and supply course materials for beginner modelers. Open sources software are given priority. We arrange for short-term courses and training lasting 4 days to several weeks.

Why On-Site Customized Courses?

  1. In-house courses are offered at your office or a place of your choice as per your convenience.
  2. Cost-effective alternative to sending your entire technical team to a course.
  3. Offers an opportunity for your technical team to ALL participate and learn from each other.
  4. Intuitive and easy-to-understand course notes, training material and software.

To discuss or schedule an On-Site Customized Course, please call us at +49-30-20679113 or simply write to [email protected].

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