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The core of our business is remote sensing – GIS services and solution, BPO solution, and hydrogeological product and services. Our strengths and extensive knowledge, the consistent deployment of state-of-the-art technologies and our dedicated R&D work are all factors that have turned UIZ into a high-performing company with numerous activities in Germany and abroad.

Continuing on our growth course

We are committed to an on-going and significant expansion of our operational activities for the future. The foundations for UIZ were laid in recent years through outstanding exploration work and successful acquisitions. Moreover, we have been able to steadily expand our portfolio through successful participation in bidding rounds and our concession interests. In order to achieve our growth targets as quickly as possible, we are pushing ahead with an ambitious programme of productivity enhancing measures and major field development projects.

Germany – Our core market

UIZ aims to make a significant contribution to the German market. That is why we have committed ourselves long term to an international level of services, which we achieve through on-going R&D activities. Our focus has been on providing a high level of services with client satisfaction.

Expansion of the international portfolio

Our aim is to achieve organic growth. Our international upstream activities have thus far been concentrated particularly in Europe, Asia and Australia. We plan to use new venture activities to source replacements for the quantities produced, but also to achieve further growth. To this end, we are flexibly extending our presence with speed, especially in regions to which we can contribute our strengths. Therefore, we continue to scout for attractive opportunities in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. By the year 2020, as per our strategy, we plan to be actively engaged with a balanced portfolio in at least these four core continents.

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