Surface and Groundwater Hydrology

Customized Training for Surface and Groundwater Hydrology

Main aim of the course is to quantification of surface and groundwater hydrological processes. Analysis of rainfall, evapotranspiration, runoff, groundwater recharge and storage will be done. This course provides a conceptual and quantitative understanding of hydrology and the basic principles of hydraulics.

Course Highlight

  1. Understand the basic hydraulic principles,
  2. Measure point and estimate areal rainfall, potential evapotranspiration from weather data and understand the relationship between actual and potential evapotranspiration,
  3. Differentiate between various runoff processes and identify the conditions under which each are important,
  4. Calculate the discharge of a watercourse by the velocity area method and by use of weirs and flumes,
  5. Construct a rating curve,
  6. Describe and conceptualise the occurrence and movement of groundwater,
  7. Apply Darcy’s Law to simple groundwater flow problems,
  8. Design and carry out groundwater pumping tests, and analyse the resulting data,
  9. Explain the mechanisms of groundwater recharge in different climatic environments.
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