Water monitoring

In almost all major water resource management programs, such as the European Union Water Framework Directive, groundwater monitoring is required. A typical water monitoring program aims to prevent potential threats to human health, assess the impact of anthropogenic substances that have been transported via groundwater on aquatic ecosystems, document the state of groundwater pollution, and show the efficiency of water protection measures.

Groundwater monitoring

Groundwater monitoring consists of long-term standardized measurement, observation, evaluation of status and trends, and reporting of groundwater conditions to meet monitoring programme objectives.

Surace water monitoring

In Germany, approximately 75% of all water for public water supply is obtained from groundwater. Accurate quantification and quality evaluation of the available groundwater resources is therefore a basic requirement for effective public water management, and consequently, groundwater monitoring is required. As a result, a large number of ground water monitoring networks exist.

UIZ provide consultancy service for surface and groundwater monitoring and monitoring network optimization.

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