Water Pollution

Water sources gets polluted in many ways like use of insecticides and pesticides, industrial waste, human excreta, dumping of solid waste etc. Water pollution can be classifieds into following major categories 1) Organic pollutants, 2) Inorganic pollutants 3) Nutrients and agriculture runoff, 4) Suspended solids and sediments, 5) Pathogens, (salts and metals), 6) Thermal and radioactive pollutants

Water pollution damages source of drinking water like, rivers, lakes and oceans all over the world. Especially in South Asia and Africa, it is usually a major cause of death, by people consuming water from polluted water sources. In addition to human Water Pollution effects the whole water ecosystem. Water Pollution may increase biodegradable matter containing high organic matter, it helps more microorganism to growth faster resulting in more consumption of oxygen in the water. When oxygen is depleted, Aquatic animal’s dies and anaerobic organism grow which results in the production of harmful toxins like ammonia and sulphide.

Water pollution is believed to be major cause of diseases across the globe. Through water different pathogenic bacteria and virus enter to our body, and when gets favourite environment they multiply causing serious damage to the host body. It is wise to consume water by boiling, filtering or adding disinfections before drinking to be safe form water pollution. Public awareness is the major important concept to reduce water pollution. Through worldwide Water aid, GIZ, Wash, UNISEF, are the main international Non profitable organisation working in water pollution and sanitation issues. They are working in many countries with local stakeholders to achieve a millennium goal. UIZ Umwelt und Informationstechnologie Zentrum, and Thakur International, Nepal has been actively working in the field of water pollution research.

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