What is Geofencing Marketing?

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Geofencing marketing is a kind of location-based marketing that permits you to connect with smart mobile device users in a nominated geospatial area, like an outlet, through mobile applications or mobile webpages. As it is a location-based technology, geofencing depends on various technologies, like Bluetooth, Radio-frequency identification (RFID), Wi-Fi, GPS.

Is Geofencing Marketing Expensive?

It depends. Generally, the cost ranges from 3 € to 12 € CPM (cost per thousand impressions). Though, many aspects come into play counting the cost, including brand capacity and progressive directing structures.

Social networking sites are some platforms that promote the products and offers going to the nearby location range.

What is Geofencing Marketing?


What is Geofencing Marketing?


What is Geofencing Marketing?


What is Geofencing Marketing?



Geofencing Marketing in Germany

Currently, there is a trend going in Germany where you get a lot of information in border control and the people, buildings, incidents, duties, etc. to be supervised are rigged with a Global positioning system (GPS) tracker with subscriber identification module (SIM) Card.

Berlin is the capital of Germany and one of the busiest cities in the whole European Union. There are a lot of incoming international businesses from all over the world who want to set up their brand in the Heart of Berlin, always keen to attract people with different tastes.

Setting up geofencing locations is always a Plus to make the customers rushing into the stores without having a second thought.

UIZ is a company located in the heart of Berlin that is inspired by the idea of the European marketplace penetration, where as a starting point the Germany, Berlin (2014) has been chosen. The versatility of our company has enabled us to develop multifaceted expertise that has broadened our experience to match the demands of today.

UIZ is a technology company with an international focus, approach, and support, with the highest level of highly creative strategic planning and high-quality services available, developed as a cross-section of environmental science and technology. We propose to provide high quality IT and environmental technology solutions for small businesses and large corporations, flexible for any-size projects.


How geofencing arketing helps your business?

Bringing customers to your store:

Geofencing delivers ads, offers, and promotions straight to smart mobile phone customers within the location of your firm.


Most firms don’t want to spend a big budget for marketing and advertising, But they need an approach to grow their market. Geofencing is the one that comes under the budget because the firm can develop their own business ideas to implement easily.

Consumers wait for offers:

Customers always search for offers because they always look for a budget.

Being creative:

If the firm is sensing especially critical, there is a possibility to set up a geofencing location around the opponent’s business area. When consumers move around the competitor, they’ll receive an offer, seasonal sale notification for your firm instead, which could move the consumer away from your opponent and straightly toward your own firm.

Boosts customer observable data:

Customers who walk in and out of a geofence area pass some valuable observable data for business vendors. They are able to keep an eye on the user's shopping bias and the type of things that they are excited in. This benefits to develop and make better each personal customer portrait.

Bid tie-up moments:

Geofencing bids the perfect moment for economic uses firms to partner with other firms. Economic companies like stores are able to advantage a geofence to push illustrated deals to consumers. The deal ally firm is able to advertise their products because of the personalized deal received by the customer. It’s a beneficial position as both companies are equally served.

Geofencing Mobile Display Ads for Local Car share Case Study

Objective: To publicize a new car rideshare priority for the local Village to the population that was currently unable to access public transportation.

Explanation: UIZ focused traveller areas including house distance and train stations stimulating new plans with relates to study more. By Geofencing these operations we were ready to get the Local authority’s marketing message to the suitable people at the ideal village and time.

Conclusions: The plan ran for 8 weeks and appeared in over 250 visitors to the rideshare site. The total CTR (click-through rate) was 0.15%.

Confine: In a regional Society focusing mobile ads on local body stories worked pretty well. Many Developing municipalities have transport network apps that help travellers know the time of departure and arrival, timing trains and showing up on those work best. By aiming at travel apps and 3rd party sites the message was given a circumstantial purpose that combined with the performance.

We really appreciate your time and sure that you have enjoyed this geofencing case study for more visions or to start working on a geofencing project then let us be a part of your project.

How to advance the Mobile Brand practice with applicability

The mobile brand practice widened above making sure that your site is mobile-helpful, in fact, that’s repeatedly a better starting mark. The mobile brand practice can start in two different approaches.

1st approach: The consumer does a check and appears across your brand in their check issues. Provided you have an SEO strategy, you’re relient on a possible consumer to discover you. Well, this approach is more static.

The 2nd approach is more enterprising: When a consumer is prepared for a mobile advertisement and is constrained to visit your website and make plans. When and where the advertisement is detected totally in the brand’s administer, implication you can make sure that the advertisement is only distributed to particular people. And applicability, raise is what matters. Applicability is what makes the difference between your present and probable consumers from your non-users.

To target, the customer's mobile ad create more brand experiences than anywhere else, including TV, in-store etc. 

Some efficient approaches to have More suitable Mobile Ad

  • Recognize your Audience  – Few brands spend huge funds into grasping their aiming consumer. They’ll act as a spectator portion to really understand what moves their invest accord behaviour. They’ll even go as distant as making personality, with brands and personalities, so that the marketing staff can completely envision them. compassionate your aiming people’s wishes, needs, and decision-making action is the main aspect of creating sound ads and marketing strategies.

  • Identify Your Aim – if you know the target, it’s a point to sum out where they are to contact. If your aiming consumer is a 35-maybe housewife, then your ads must display in various areas than if you’re making after their career bankers and consultants. With mobile & digital ads, you can geofence locations placed on where your aiming people stay and work. 

  • Sample case, if you’re planning to grasp the scrutiny of those Housewives. There is a chance that you might look at geofencing rural locations rather than internal cities or financial states. Being more clear about where you publish gives cost accumulation.

  • Spur Activity – This edge is complicated to carry out because it needs the first two edges to be done perfectly. The aim is to technique a text fascinating enough to attract your aiming people to take the deal. But what’s fascinating for one consumer won't create the same impact on the other. 1way is to create some sort of fund reserves in terms of deals or sales is exciting for some. Few consumers look for a Posh way to things that would be more tempting. For this complicated task, it's better to understand the different consumer needs and then modifying that into an exciting text message is what makes your business drive in a positive way.

89% of individuals are likely to recommend a brand after positive brand experience on mobile.

Why UIZ is your destination for Geofencing Marketing

  • Our Company is located in the Mid of Berlin centre and easily approachable

  • We have the best and efficient staff to work on the projects without any doubt.

  • The overall expenses for handling the project is comparatively low than the other firms which are working as competitors in the market.

  • We provide technical support and make you feel comfortable with the service.

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