What We Do

We propose in providing high quality of Geoinformatics consultings, Geoinformatics Data: Processing and Application, Web GIS, Outsourcing GIS Project with full-service along with support to clients on a per – project and recurring basis. Our experienced professional and engineering team are dedicated to develop remote sensing and GIS systems for the benefit of industries and commercial applications.

GIS services

UIZ provides Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services, Remote Sensing Services, GIS Mapping Services, and GIS Data conversions Services. Our GIS service analyse spatial relationships, visualization of geographic data and efficient data management. GIS data conversions allow data from different sources to be merged in one common format, which allows for easy access, analysis and utilization.

Our GIS Data Conversions Services include the following:

  1. GIS Services in System Design and Architecture
  2. GIS Services Management and Maintenance
  3. Map Production and Analysis
  4. Database Design and Development
  5. GIS Applications Development
  6. GIS Mapping User Training and Support
  7. 3D Modeling and Visualization for GIS Mapping Products and GIS Remote Sensing Products

1. Geoinformatics consulting

Our experienced professional and engineering teams are dedicated to serve on geoinformatics, remote sensing and GIS systems for the benefit of industries and commercial applications.

Area of Our Expertise

  1. Agricultural Planning
  2. Forestry
  3. Land Management
  4. Mining Sector Reform
  5. Nature Resources
  6. Water Management

UIZ is also dedicated to provide consulting service on land management. We have well trained and expert professional to serve as a consultant in land management. Moreover, we are serving in various fields such as Natural resources, Mining, Agricultural Planning, Forestry, Water management and many more.

2. Data capture

GIS data capture is a technique in which the information on various map attributes, facilities, assets, and organizational data are collected, digitized and organized on a target GIS system on appropriate layers.

Data Capturing methods sre:

  1. Primary data capture techniques which mainly uses remote sensing and surveying techniques.
  2. Secondary data capture techniques are mainly scanning, manual digitizing, vectorization, and photogrammetry:

These data capture methods are used in various fields such as:

  1. Thematic data are used for analysing regional issues, transportation facilitation, hydrographic mapping, vegetation and other types of related features;
  2. Navigation data are captured and used for easy navigation purposes;
  3. Land records and survey data are captured for property, land, water and holding tax, etc;
  4. Utility infrastructure GIS data capture for water lines, road network, pavements, sewerage network, and other related features;
  5. Environmental GIS Data capture is done from geological maps, weather maps, mining and mineral exploration maps, etc.

3. Underground utility mapping services

UIZ offers utility conversion services for utility supply lines; water supply lines, data lines, telephone lines, power lines, gas mains, and sewer lines. UIZ utility mapping services assist in efficient designing, resource management, outage and distribution management, database planning and installations management, power line management and monitoring.

UIZ can help in documenting the vital underground and overhead assets digitally. Our Utility mapping services involves: Water and Sewerage, Gas and Energy.

4. Web GIS

UIZ brings GIS capabilities into the hands of people using Web GIS. Web GIS could enable collaboration, facilitating communication and optimizing the use of information throughout associated organizations.

We aim to create more accessible and flexible participatory environment using GIS tools. Web GIS enables access to multiple maps (base maps, demographic, and terrain maps, thematic map etc.) and GIS services, including geocoding, routing, geoenrichment etc. Web GIS allows organizations to properly manage all their geographic knowledge.

5. GIS Application and mobile GIS Development

UIZ helps you in implementing enterprise GIS solutions to maintain up-to-date data, geospatial analysis and accurate modelling right from establishing requirement, specifying and designing the application, implementation to operating and maintaining in GIS application development life cycle.

Our workflow consists of the modules like requirements analysis, design, coding, and deployment. We analyse the problems from the grass-root levels to deliver the solution. Our services includes Map Customization, Custom Tool Development, Integration Application Migration, Web GIS, and Mobile GIS apps. development etc.

UIZ offers end-to-end customization and GIS application development services in common platforms in the mentioned verticals

  1. Design, Develop and maintenance of custom geospatial databases
  2. GIS software development and enterprise integration
  3. Mobile GIS application solutions
  4. Development of spatial information system
  5. Web GIS development and customization
  6. GIS Integration along with designing, development and maintenance of spatial database
  7. Development of Location Based Services (LBS)
  8. Comprehensive data management, Geo-database development, Cross platform migration

6. Outsourcing GIS project

An effective GIS project management capability should incorporate subject matter experts in the fields of intelligence analysis, corporate security, business continuity, crisis management, and disaster recovery. Outsourcing enables a corporation to tap into a wide range of expertise to cover the entire risk spectrum without having to hire a staff of full time experts and with very little learning curve.

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