Benefits of working with the mobile data collection app

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July 15, 2020
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September 7, 2020

Benefits of working with the mobile data collection app

UIZ offers you a mobile data collection app within your projects. This app facilitates the process of collecting, transferring, and processing your data. The work field sometimes requires collecting and editing data with the use of web maps on mobile phones or tablets. This mobile survey app is mainly used for research, surveys, monitoring, and assessment. Our purpose is to provide you with the best data collection tool, we will provide you transparency and correct control and monitoring of your data.

Below, we share with you the benefits of our mobile data collection app.

1. Customized web server interface

A web server interface in which you can design, test, review, and manage your data. The web interface gives you the facility to create and to manage surveys for later to visualize and analyze the collected data through tables and graphs. Furthermore, you will be able to upload and download your questionnaires as you require. You can download your data in multiple formats to use with other tools.

2. Your own web server domain

A domain name that allows you to have administrative autonomy, authority, and control within the Internet. Your organization or company will have its own register domain for use as their online identity that users and clients can use to access the online services.

3. Desktop application

An application for your desktop that offers the possibility to manage data and projects, concentrate your work, export your data, and work without the Internet. The application runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux and its graphical user interface works as a content repository for your forms.

4. Customized data collection app

An app is available in Android and iOS in which fieldworkers fill out forms on their mobile devices. It allows for offline data collection with mobile devices in remote areas and once the data is collected you can upload it to the webserver.

5. Smart surveys

You can design surveys that allow you a fast data collection using smart questions to introduce the data in a simple way. You will create questionnaires aimed at extracting specific data of a particular field, design to increase your knowledge of a particular theme. In the surveys, you can integrate a variety of data such as audio, images, video, QR codes, GPS positions, etc. The mobile survey app as well offers the use of multi-languages.

6. Data analysis

After the data collection is possible to study the data through statistic analysis. The server helps in the process of discovering useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decisionmaking. With the correct data integration, our survey will offer a visual analysis aimed to help you overcome business difficulties and get the understanding to lead your business in the best way.

7. Private device for your data storage

We set up a private device dedicated to managing and storing your data collection. With this service, you will be able to choose which data you want to store online.

8. Security

You collected data will be protected through a public and private key encryption. Furthermore, within the webserver interface, you can create teams and user roles for different levels of your project needs.

9. Support and maintenance

We assist you with the necessary guidance to carry out your projects. We will train you and your team for the success of your project. Moreover, have access to our documentation or receive immediate professional support from an expert in our team.

10. The best price in the market

We are the best suitable partner on the market since our prices are affordable and adjustable for your specific project scope. We provide a high-quality, stable, and supported service. Together we will work on the design and success of your project.

How we support you with a mobile survey app

UIZ offers this technology along with technical support. We offer integrated solutions for your requirements as shown below:
1. Contact and tell us your requirements or if you have already prepared everything, send us your project plan, schedule, and requirements with your contact details.
2. We will contact you with a solution tailored to your needs.
3. Together with you, we will work on the design.
4. We train you and your team in the use of the mobile survey app, data sets, and export process, as far as required for your project.
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