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November 5, 2019
The Project

MEDSAL is a research project ( focusing on groundwater salinization in the Mediterranean area, funded by the PRIMA Program (Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area), and running for 36 months starting from September 2019.
MEDSAL constitutes a joint Euro-Mediterranean cooperation network of organizations from Mediterranean countries and associated states of the EU contributing national funds.
Project Objectives
  • Development of new tools and technology for the identification of complex Ground Water Salinization (GWS) sources and processes.
  • Collect and integrate robust datasets of critical parameters related to GWS.
  • Exploit the potential of Artificial intelligence and Deep Learning methods to improve detection of patterns in multi-dimensional hydrogeochemical and isotope data.
  • Elaborate tailor-made risk assessment and development of management plans by coupling salinization forecasts with climate change impacts and future scenarios.
  • Develop a public domain web-GIS Observatory for monitoring, alerting, decision support and management of coastal groundwater reserves around the Mediterranean.

UIZ Task
  • Digitization and development of integrated Geo-Database.
  • Development of MEDSAL mobile app.
  • Development of MEDSAL web-GIS Observatory.
  • MEDSAL web portal

UIZ Delivered
1. Digitization and Geo-Database: For this purpose, we use Enhydris. Enhydris is an open source environmental system for working with hydrological and meteorological time series data. This system was developed based on Python computer language and Django. Enhydris provides a free database in which the time series data is stored and managed for the creation and visualization of maps. Moreover, it allows the Data visualization of the hydrometeorological in tables and graphs in Web-GIS server.

2. Development of Mobile App: For this purpose, a mobile data collection app was built. This app facilitates the process of collecting, transferring, and processing of the data.

3. Web-GIS Observatory: Web based analytical platform with interactive visualization was developed with following features: -
• Spatial and Non-spatial data management.
• In-situ and real time data monitoring and visualization.
• Automatic quality assurance, alerting and control features.
• Near-real time analysis and reporting.

4. Web Portal: was developed as web portal for this project.
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