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December 18, 2020
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Project Description


 National Applied Research Institute, Patna, India


  Dec. 2015 - Jan. 2016

The Client
Our client the National Applied Research Institute (NARI) is a non-profitable organization located in Patna, India. This organization aims to provide education with the best-qualified professionals. The fields in which NARI is specialized are the natural sciences such as Biotechnology, Botany, and Zoology. The personnel from NARI contacted our team to support them in an environmental research project.

The project
Together with NARI, our team developed a project in which Crop Health data was collected for an environmental research and development project. This project was implemented in various villages of Patna, India.

The solution
Our mobile survey app was used to collect information about the study area conditions. Within the survey app, the smart questionnaires allowed the client to collect all kinds of data. For example, text, numbers, media files, locations, QR codes, etc. A relevant part of the project was the collection of crop photographs using the mobile survey app.
UIZ team provided the following services:
1. Customized web server interface for the Crop Health data management.
2. Your own web server domain for the webserver interface.
3. Desktop application for the Crop Health data management in your device.
4. Customized data collection app for the data collection.
5. Smart surveys for smart data collection.
6. Data analysis.
7. Private device for the data storage.
8. Data security.
9. Support and maintenance.
UIZ offered a smart solution using Android mobile phone. After the data collection, UIZ offered easy data visualization with the possibility of GIS analysis. The mobile survey app assisted to carry the survey digitally, improving location-based accuracy of crop health information and data quality.

The result
By using our mobile survey app, the client was satisfied since we accomplished all the project tasks. The client was able to collect information about:
• Seasonal crops
• Covered area
• Crop health
• Soil type
• Fertilizer used
• Irrigation methods
With the information gathered, the client was able to classify and discover useful information, gaining sights, drawing conclusions, and supporting the decision making of the project significantly.

With years of experience, professional and specialized staff, “Umwelt und Informationstechnologie Zentrum” UIZ GmbH supports you in the use of a mobile survey app for the development of your environmental research projects.
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