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November 5, 2019
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September 8, 2017

Project Description


HVD - Humanistischer
Verband Deutschlands - Berlin-Brandenburg


October, 2016

The client
Founded in 1993 in Berlin, the Humanistischer Verband Deutschlands (HVD) is an organisation with the aim to encourage and disseminate a secular humanist worldview and an advocate for the rights of people with no religion. About 20,000 people are members of this organisation.

Requirements and challenges
Within the needs of HVD organization was the visualization of spatial data such as the location of:
• Patients
• Volunteers
• Partner organizations
• The headquarter
• The intercultural Hospice Dong Ban-Ja.
The client need was to display spatial data in an organized and complete way.

The solution
UIZ in Berlin developed a WebGIS for data mapping and data visualization in which the spatial data of HVD was displayed according to its preferences. This technic allowed the client to visualize several layers on the map to avoid any confusion. Another advantage of the application was the complete overview a user can get while displaying separate locations for several data sets.

The result
The WebGIS for data mapping and data visualization developed for HVD showed interactive maps with the patients, volunteers, partner organizations, the headquarter and the intercultural Hospice Dong Ban-Ja. Within the WebGIS, the user could decide which content he wants to show by clicking on the headlines on the interactive map. Also, the map allowed the user to zoom in and to click on the relevant icon of interest.

The customer was really satisfied with our support services. The following tasks were achieved.
• Collection of data for data mapping and data visualization.
• Process of data and background building in a database for notifications.
• Creation of an interactive map that includes information required for the project.
• Creation of the connection between the database and interactive map.
• Final map showing all the locations of the markers.
• The possibility to click on one of the markers and the notification will appear with the related information.

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