Questionnaire programming for ODK (Open Data Kit)

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August 30, 2016
Land Cover Change in Ganga River Catchment, Allahabad, India
May 5, 2016

Project Description


German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval), Bonn


June - Nov. 2016

The client
Our client the German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval) develops activities with the aim of analyzing and evaluating interventions for the German development. In the German Development Cooperation, Deval promotes the development of evaluation capacities in the partner countries. In addition, oversees the conduct of strategic evaluations and develops and adapts evaluation methods and approaches.

The project
For this project, UIZ team provided the data collection surveys for the Deval project, which consisted in developing questionnaires for its management and visualization in ODK server. The data collection surveys replaced paper forms used in survey-based data collection and the data was collected with an Android app. The team was able to collect data such as location, audio, images, video, barcodes, signatures, multiple-choice, free text, and numeric answers.

The solution
In the project the data was obtained by performing a set of standardized questions directed to a representative sample. UIZ developed the project in three phases:

1. Questionnaire Development in digital ODK server format.
a. Build a survey form in Excel.

2. Interviewer training and pre-test.
a. Testing on the ODK server.
b. Testing on the Android platform.

3. Support the process in the usage of data collection surveys.
a. Record data such as:
o GPs coordinates
o Audio
o Pictures
o Videos
o Scan barcodes
o Text
o Numbers
b. Survey quality checks.
c. Visualization and analysis with Google Sheets and Google Earth.
d. Publish data directly to Google Spreadsheet, Google Fusion Tables and Json Server.

A data-collection questionnaire requires to be designed before data collection starts. The questionnaire was loaded onto Android and that is how the data was recorded from the interview onto the device.

The results
The data collection surveys that are our team created, satisfied the client needs since we accomplished all the project tasks. The surveys were able to be transported via USB connection, wi-fi network and then stored on a server.
The DEval organisation was able to understand and enable data for decision making and research of the project.
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