Mobile Survey App for Surveying Water and Wastewater Recycling

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September 8, 2017
Mobile Survey App for affordable water harvesting in northern Ghana
August 30, 2016

Project Description


Community Service and Environment Development Affairs - Cairo University, Egypt


August 2016

The client
The Community Service and Environment Development Affairs, that belongs to the Cairo University in Egypt, contacted us for the development of a Water and Wastewater Recycling project. The Cairo University is the largest University in Egypt, funded in 1908, has 26 faculties and 177 units and centres. Furthermore, the university is specialized in five academic sectors: basic science, medical sciences, engineering, social sciences, and humanities.

The project
The project developed with the Community Service and Environment Development Affairs consisted in the data collection through surveys for the water and wastewater recycling in the Cairo communities. In these communities the water recycling process is very important for its use in other purposes. The water reuse includes the irrigation of agricultural fields and directed toward fulfilling certain needs in residences, businesses, and industry. Wastewater reuse in Cairo is part of a sustainable water management that allows water to remain as an alternative for other activities. In Cairo, this practice can reduce scarcity and alleviate pressure on groundwater and other natural water bodies.

The solution
UIZ team provided the following services:
• Designed and implemented mobile survey app for water problems and wastewater recycling.
• Developed an app to match client requirements for different stages of the project.
• Provided technical cooperation with client side regarding Water treatment method.
• Assisted the team with the best practice tutorials for the mobile survey app.
• Tested and implemented digital questionnaires on the server and on the android platform.
• Customized web server interface for the water and wastewater recycling data management.
• A unique domain for the web server interface.
• Desktop application for the water and wastewater recycling data management in your device.
• Data analysis.
• Private device for the data storage.
• Data security.

The result
By using our mobile survey app, the client was satisfied since we accomplished all the project tasks. The client was able to collect information about:
• Drinking water quality.
• Population connected to public water supply and public sanitation.
• Data of the wastewater treatment process.
• Household water use per capita.
• Water losses.
• Renewable freshwater resources.
With the gathered data, the client was able to classify and discover useful information, gaining sights, drawing conclusions and supporting the decision making of the project significantly. With years of experience, professional and specialized staff, “Umwelt und Informationstechnologie Zentrum” UIZ GmbH supports you in the use of a mobile survey ap for the development of your project.
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