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Project Description


Anna Gracheva, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Enschede, the Netherlands


April 2016

The client
Based on The Netherlands, our client Anna Gracheva who works in the Saxion University of Applied Sciences gave us the opportunity to work on a joint geomarketing project, in which we offered the services of our mobile survey app. Saxion University is one of the largest of higher education in the country, with close to 27,000 students. Nowadays, this institution has a strong influence on Dutch higher education since it has been recognized as an important educational institution at the regional, national, and international levels.

The project
Our mobile survey app was used to study, define and implementing marketing strategies in Berlin. The main purpose of this project was to collect marketing data in the subject of customer and market trends with the intention to study target locations in order to increase sales. For this project, qualitative and quantitative marketing strategies were implemented. These two approaches were used to collect, describe, analyze and interpret needed business data on the one hand, and to compare and measure gained information for future projection on the other.

The challenges
Today we live in a world with an enormous quantity of digital technologies, which make location available through various social media and mobile devices. The main challenge of this project was to design the right smart surveys to help Anna and her team to develop a study conducted in the improvement of marketing strategies. The objectives of this study were mapping and tracking market trends and customer demand habits for a better product and advertisement distribution. Moreover, to assist them in the learning of creating new sales territories and to improve existing ones. Finally, to ameliorate customer cooperation.

The solution
The smart questionnaires of our mobile survey app allowed the client to collect all kinds of data. For example, text, numbers, media files, locations, QR codes, etc. All this marketing data was gathered from concrete customers grouped in four categories: internet customers, local customers, mobile device users and social media users.
Within the project Anna and her team could collect and keep the necessary geomarketing data for the creation of online and offline mapping elements.

The result
By using our mobile survey app, the client was satisfied since we accomplished all the project tasks. The client was able to: • Define the geolocation of potential customers.
• To send different types of information to target clients according to his/her location.
• To define who the customer is, for example, an individual customer or a company.
• To define where the customer is and to locate them in a digital map
• To advise the clients of some near events.
• To plan, operate, and support the decision-making of the team.
• To collect, transfer, and process the client marketing data.
• To learn where to make the most profit.
• To identify how is the competition developing.
• To create new sales territories and to improve existing ones.

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